StkUltra Command Central Console

Command Central's set of command buttons take over most of the common tasks that were done with scripts in the early stages of StkUltra development. All of StkUltra's essential processes can now be accomplished with Command Central button clicks.

The command central console, from left to right, top to bottom:

The top left button labled HnCp, handicaps STK files to make the compact DOC files. Data is extracted from the BRIS STK data file in accordance with the options set up that users can modify by clicking the Style command button and following on screen information.

When HnCp is clicked, StkUltra first makes a list of all STK files for the track code in the text box next to the Nxt button. It then handicaps the list of files to make one compact DOC file for each STK file in the list. The Criteria setup (Style) controls the handicapping process.

The Rslt It button when clicked, finds all R.DOC files that match the track code in the Nxt text box and uses them to enter results in all matching .DOC files. (The R.DOC's are results files, the .DOC's are the compact handicapped data files.)

The Mk Lst button creates FLIST.DAT, which is a list of DOC files that match the track code in the Nxt text box. This list is then used by the Train and the Make ABC's commands to produce track-specific tips and analysis reports.

The Nxt button moves forward through the TRACKS.DAT file putting new track codes in the text box to its right. It remakes FLIST.DAT each time it adds a new track.

The Lst button moves backward through the TRACKS.DAT file but it does not remake FLIST.DAT as it goes. This makes it easy to create an analysis of one track using another track's profile set.

The Train button trains the profile identified by the track code in the Nxt text box against the races in the FLIST.DAT file. So it is possible to train one track's profile using any list of races. This is useful for testing a profile with data that was not used to create the profile.

The Method button cycles through the five possible traning methods:
Method (0) Start with a profile seed of all zeros.
Method (1) Start with a profile seed of all 10's.
Method (2) Start with a profile seed of present values.
Method (3) Manual selection after each distance.
Method (4) Manual selection after each profile item.

The Items button cycles through 19 possible items to train for:
1  A to Win     2  A to place    3  A to Show
4  B to Win     5  B to Place    6  B to Show
7  C to Win     8  C to Place    9  C to Show
10 ABC Exacta   11 A & B Win     12 A & B & C Win

13 A % Win      14 B % Win       15 C % Win
16 Stake        17 AB % Win      18 ABC % Win
19 A Win B Place C Show

The Make ABC's command button calls StkU.exe and instructs it to make web page style tip sheets and analysis reports for races listed in the FLIST.DAT file. It then cross links the tip sheets and analysis reports on the today.html link page.

The Surf ABC's command button calls Internet Explorer web browser with the analysis report, today.html as its target.

The power users console calls the StkU.exe command module in Power User mode. This allows such things as global entry of results using all R.DOC files in the folder against all matching .DOC files.

The XRD to R.DOC button creates R.DOC results files from all XRD Exotic Results Charts in the working directory.