The StkUltra Odds Line

StkUltra can produce a very accurate odds line. The calculations strictly adhere to rules of statistical probability. StkUltra can force the odds to be exactly accurate by spreading the odds and testing the spreaded odds against the past history.

The StkUltra Calculated Probability report shows the results of the spreaded odds test. Predicted wins are calculated by dividing the number of horses whose odds are set at each odds number by that odds number plus 1. The accumulated deviation shows how accurate were the odds over the spread of the lower twenty numbers. Accumulated deviation of zero means the odds were exactly correct through the column in which the zero appears. The accumulated deviation should be zero or positive through half the odds numbers going from 1 to 20. The last deviation number under column 20 should be near zero or no more negative than a tenth of the number of races in the sample.