The Off Odds
are the public's offering to you

The "Off Odds" or "Tote" board odds show what a winning ticket will be worth if that horse wins. It is calculated by sharing out the remaining proceeds of the collected betting pool to all winning tickets. The Track's take and all related expenses are taken from the betting pool before calculating the payout. A $2 winning ticket will pay two times the Tote odds + 2 dollars.

The StkUltra Off odds analysis shows the predicted wins using StkUltra's calculated probability function. When we set the odds of a horse at two to one for example, we are predicting that the horse will average a win once in three trys in today's company. We use that same function applied to the number of horses that started at each odds value to show the public's win predictions. The analysis then shows the number of times each odds number won. The Needed Wins are the number of wins necessary to break even for each odds number. When the actual wins are greater than the needed wins on any odds number, you made a profit by betting every horse that started at that odds number.